The subject leader for Spanish is Miss Johnson.

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The core language taught at our school is Spanish. Our MFL curriculum intends to
expose our pupils to a new language, in order to develop their listening, speaking, reading
and writing skills and prepare them for the next phase in their education. Our children have a positive attitude towards
languages and are developing the confidence to explore and experiment with unfamiliar
foreign vocabulary and pronunciation. We value the importance of understanding the wider
world and our curriculum helps children develop an awareness of cultural differences in
other countries. 

We  teach Spanish to the children using the curriculum created by the Primary Languages Network.  As a result of lockdown, we will be re-establising the basics of Spanish and so each class will be starting from Stage 1 and then working forwards from that.  As a result of the Erasmus project, many of the staff and TAs feel more confident in teaching Spanish and the curriculum is so varied and interactive that I am sure the children will remember a lot of what they have already learned!



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