'The only way to learn Mathemetics is to do Mathematics' - Paul Hamos

Subject Leader - Miss Worrall 

Welcome to our Maths Page!



  • At Sutton Manor Primary School, we are currently on a mastery journey to support a long-term, secure and adaptable approach to mathematics teaching, which supports learners to become resilient, working efficiently by making links between concepts and relationships. 


    We believe children learn best by having opportunities to revisit previous learning. In Maths, lessons are sequenced to build knowledge, skills and vocabulary where we recognise prior learning and build on it with memorable learning experiences and provide targeted support where necessary. We intend to do this, on a daily basis, through developing children’s fluency in all areas of the mathematics national curriculum; providing opportunities to reason mathematically; and also develop children’s understanding by using and applying skills when solving increasingly more complex problems involving a range of mathematical knowledge.


    At Sutton Manor Primary school, Maths is taught daily in all year groups alongside an additional arithmetic lesson. This ensures that the three aims of the National Curriculum are covered; fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Learning is sequenced to build on knowledge, skills and vocabulary. A carefully planned learning journey of small steps is taken to ensure that all children can master concepts before moving on. Every class from EYFS to Y6 follow the White Rose scheme of learning. Classes from EYFS to Year 6 also use a range of resources provided by the NCETM and enrich our maths lessons. In addition to this, morning starter time is dedicated to Maths at various points in the week. This time may be used to revisit prior learning or to embed key maths skills. 


    The impact of our curriculum is that children:
    • Develop a love of maths
    • Become fluent, competent and efficient mathematicians
    • Develop the ability to reason and problem solve, often using 
    more than one approach
    • Develop skills to use maths in real life
    • Gain knowledge and quick retrieval of basic number facts
    • Are able to learn from mistakes and are resilient
    • Develop a responsibility for making choices and decisions
    • Make good or better progress

Below are links to maths websites to help with home learning.

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