Our Vision, Values and Ethos

Our Vision for Sutton ManorPrimary  School

Sutton Manor School is a school ‘where children shine’ and all who are involved with the school, work very hard to ensure our children have many and varied opportunities to do so. School is at the heart of the community we serve.

Our shared vision is that:

  • We provide a happy, nurturing environment, which is welcoming, attractive and safe, ensuring the needs of all children are met.


  • The creative curriculum we offer is balanced, broad, fun and enjoyable for all and will enable each child to reach their full potential, regardless of their ability.



  • We are dedicated to ensuring high levels of attainment and achievement. We aim to raise awareness of the possibilities of future careers, which will raise children’s and parents’ aspirations.


  • We will extend learning opportunities beyond the classroom and the curriculum, to meet the needs of our children and community.



  • We will enrich the lives of all who access our provision and support and enhance opportunities for economic well being, be they members of our school community or of the wider community.


  • We will work in partnership with other agencies to promote awareness of a Healthy life style for children, families and our local community.


  • We pledge to respect the human rights of our pupils, staff and other members of our community, ensuring equality for all.