Spelling is about both sounding words out and using your memory.

You must practice spelling sound by sound, and use your memory for the weird bits.


To be a good speller:

In order to be a good speller you need to identify which parts of words you can spell sound by sound and which parts you need to memorise.


For example the word ‘system’, with this word the only unusual thing you need to remember is the letter ‘y’.

The rest of the word you can simply spell sound by sound.



Another example is the word ‘magazine’, you can spell most of this word sound by sound until you get to the last three letters.

Therefore you only need to memorise those last three.



Even with a lot of simple words like for example the word ‘while’, you still need to remember it has a silent ‘h'.





The truth is that spelling is about both sounding words out and memorising the unusual bits.

If you want to become a good speller you need to know when to spell sound by sound and when to use your memory.

More top tips:


Spelling Homework

In school we learn about different spelling rules to help us to improve our spellings.

To help practice these rules, new spellings are given on Monday and tested on Friday.

Each week, a blank template is given to encourage the 'Look, Cover, Write and Check' method. This template is attached below.

The following website allows you to use this method electronically: www.amblesideprimary.com/ambleweb/lookcover/lookcover.html

Files to Download