'The only way to learn Mathemetics is to do Mathematics' - Paul Hamo

Subject Leader - Miss Worrall 

Welcome to our Maths Page!


At Sutton Manor we take a mastery approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics. We endeavour to have every child feel confident and succeed in maths no matter what their backgrounds and starting points are. To facilitate this, the children spend longer on objectives and basic number skill in order to develop a greater depth understanding of mathematical concepts.

At Sutton Manor we do not accept that ‘some people cannot do maths’ or that prior attainment should limit what a child is capable of learning. Mathematics is for everyone. We believe that through our mathematics teaching, we will ensure our children are active, resilient learners who become life-long mathematicians.

In our school we intend to produce resilient learners who can stay positive in the face of challenge and we celebrate learning moments with the children; embedding that making mistakes is how we learn, develop and grow. We teach our children in mathematics to be persistent and determined to reach goals and understand concepts.

We intend to develop mathematicians that can apply their maths skills in all areas of the curriculum and that are adept in the ability to reason. We endeavour to develop learners who can take time and consider evidence to solve a problem in a variety of ways; learners who can confidently and eloquently explain their thinking and understanding.

Through our teaching of mathematics we intend to produce learners who can organise their thoughts and show initiative, asking their own questions and leading their own investigations.

Click HERE for a link to our schools calculation policy and progression to show you how we teach calculations across the year groups.

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