Design Technology

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Welcome to the  Design Technology Page!

At Sutton Manor we love Design Technology!  A child will investigate, design and make eighteen products in the course of their school career.

Throughout the year, each year group will cover three units of DT, one per term, see the curriculum map on this page for more details.

Topics fall under the headings 'Textiles', 'Mechanisms', 'Structures' 'Food and Nutrition', 'Mechanical Systems' and 'Electrical Systems'.  We make items ranging from hand puppets to torches.

In the Autumn 1 half term Year One made moving pictures, Year Four made pizzas, and Year Six looked at 'Mechanical Systems', look at the pictures below to see the finished products!

The photographs below also show some of the work that was completed in the Autumn 2 term when Year Two made puppets, Year Three investigated 'shell structures' and Year Five made their own electrical switches and circuits. 

This half term Year One will be learning how to stay healthy by preparing healthy fruit snacks, Year Three will be making healthy sandwiches and Year Six will be learning about different fabrics and textiles. Watch this space for photographs of their finished products!

If you require any further details, please free free to come in and have a chat.

Miss Worrall

Design Technology Co-ordinator

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