Hi everyone,

Sadly, we are in lockdown once more.  Just before lockdown, Y1 managed to have 4 weeks of Boomwhackers, Y2 had 4 weeks of Samba and Year 4 managed 6 weeks of Ukelele!  However, I have added some links that you can easily access at home.  Take a look at have a go at some of the activities.

Something you might want to do is to think about your favourite piece of music and write about why it is your favourite piece.  Why do you like it?  How does it make you feel?  Does it remind you of something special?  It would be wonderful if some of you were able to do this, you could share your favourite song or piece of music with your teachers and friends, so do have a think about that.

Here are some good website that you might want to engage with if you have a computer, tablet, phone or other device. - great for EYFS and primary - I am a robot sing and dance challenge - quite fun for KS2 - free songs that you might want to sing and learn at home - all key stages - a programme where you can create your own music but you do need to have access to a tablet or computer or other device.  It really is great because it means you can compose something yourself!

None of us are finding this easy but I hope you will be able to take a look at some of these activities.  Maybe you could write your own song about lockdown and share it!  Just a thought.  If you do want to do this, I have uploaded some backing tracks that you might enjoy!

See you soon
Mrs Wilkinson



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