“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

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Our subject leader for music is Mrs Gladman.

Class teachers teach music and we use the Charanga Music Scheme.  This is a wonderful scheme that enables all staff to deliver a progressive  music curriculum. 

There is a programme of music in all Key Stages and the Early Years Fundation Stage, where every child has the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument, Year 1 children play ‘Boomwhackers’, Year 2 learn drumming, Ukulele in Years 3 and 4, Woodwind (clarinet)  in Year 5 and  in Year 6. There are opportuities for children to join the St Helens extra curricular music provision at weekends, play in a band or orchestra and or a choir. Some of our pupils have gone on to sing in the St Helens Youth Choir.

Performing is a huge part of the curriculum, our children love to sing, in school and to perform their songs to our community, inside and outside of school.

Our music curriculum is enriched through children having the opportunity to watch live music performances through visits to see the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and participate in Peace Proms, the cross border orchestra of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

 Below are some details about the scheme and, with the Charanga Scheme in place, you can be sure your children will be receiving an exciting and relevant music curriclum!


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