Curriculum Offer 2021-2022

The Foundation Stage Curriculum Offer 2021-2022



The Sutton Manor Early Year’s team is dedicated to supporting and developing the young children in our care. Our broad and exciting curriculum is based upon careful observations and interactions with the children, accumulative and termly assessment data and reflects the needs of our community. We have a mix of adult and child initiated learning opportunities with PSED, Communication and Language, Literacy and Outdoor Learning considered to be fundamental in all that we do.


We have a strong emphasis on PSED to enable the children to build appropriate relationships, manage their self-confidence and self-regulate their feelings and behaviour appropriately. Regular circle times, puppet work and social stories help the children to understand their place within the world and encourages effective communication. Staff are trained to make appropriate interventions in children’s learning in order to move learning on.

We have close links with our Speech and Language Therapy service and run Oxford University’s NELI (Nuffield Early Language Intervention) program with children who may require extra support with expressive and receptive language skills.

Structured daily phonics sessions provide the building blocks for our literacy curriculum. Children are encouraged to share books with their parents / carers from the two’s room, nursery children take home ‘story sacks’ and in reception the children have a reading book to share at home and read with an adult on a one to one basis at least once a week.

Our curriculum is centred upon high quality picture books and texts to develop vocabulary and language skills, stimulate and respond to children’s interests and to develop a love of reading and writing. Our curriculum has been carefully, sequentially planned to ensure that by the time the children leave the EYFS unit they know a wide variety of songs, nursery rhymes, traditional tales, non-fiction texts and contemporary stories that build upon their prior experiences and learning.

Meaningful reading and writing opportunities, linked to the children’s interests are available inside and outside of the classroom with books and writing equipment placed all areas of the unit. Daily ‘finger gym’ exercises and ‘funky fingers’ activities ensure the development of fine motor skills.

Our outdoor area has been specifically designed to meet our children’s needs with children spending as much time outdoors as they do inside on a daily basis. We ensure the development of gross motor skills with our climbing, balance and digging areas as well as providing daily planned enhancements to meet the children’s specific interests. Once a week reception children have access to our Forest School woodland area which is used to facilitate learning across all aspects of the Early Years curriculum.

The layout and resourcing of our unit provides continuous provision learning opportunities for all areas of ‘Development Matters’. Numeracy is taught on a daily basis. Our ‘number sense’ approach to mathematics, which concentrates on a

numeral per week, enables deep learning opportunities for ordinal, cardinal and nominal number work and is inclusive of space, shape and measure.


The EYFS curriculum at Sutton Manor has the needs of the children at its heart. It is reactive and responsive to the children, the children’s interest in the seaside prompted a trip to the beach, litter found in the Forest School area resulted in a writing project to the woodland animals and an ‘Eco’ litter picking and recycling campaign.

Quality adult interventions ensure that teaching and learning is of the highest quality and that the children in our care receive the best possible start to their education with a positive sense of self –worth and ‘can do’ attitude. Through our creative curriculum we aim to provide fundamental experiences and opportunities that the children may not otherwise encounter. Children leave the EYFS unit at Sutton Manor confident, happy individuals ready for the challenges of Year One. We are unique.