Learning to read may be tricky. However sharing and enjoying books is a simple joy! 

Please look at these tips to support your child, or children to become confident readers and lovers of books.

Learning to Read helps children to Read to Learn.

The video clips below are great for showing how book chat can be encouraged.

Watch the video One Fox which shows how a picture book can be enjoyed.

Watch the video A House That Once Was which shows how books for readers 7+ can be shared. Do still look at the video if your child is younger, the tips are great!

Watch the video for The Same Inside which shows how poetry may be shared. 

This website is excellent to help you support reading.

What if your child doesn't like reading?Read the advice on the link below.!?q=&sortOption=MostRecent&pageNo=1

Read through the brief guides on this page to help your child develop a love of books. Don't worry if the age on the guide doesn't match your child's age, choose the one closest.

Oh, and don't forget- join the library! Free Books! What could be better?



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