International Schools Award 2018

We have achieved the International Schools Award- again.

Congratulations to the staff and pupils at Sutton Manor Primary!

Sutton Manor Community Primary School. International School Award Re-Accreditation: APPROVED. 

The assessor is satisfied that your Impact Evaluation complies with all the requirements for International School Award re-accreditation. You have demonstrated three different collaborative activities involving active and effective communication and exchange of information with your partner schools in Egypt and India in a curriculum-based context, in which your pupils are learning first-hand about different countries and cultures, promoting comparative study with their own lifestyles and environment. Activity 5, "Hola!",  clearly demonstrates that pupils learn about Spanish culture alongside their language learning, giving meaning and context to the foreign language focus. All seven submissions are eligible international activities, in that they provide learning about different countries and cultures in a curriculum-based situation. The aims and outcomes for each activity are detailed and clear, highlighting that your pupils have gained knowledge about other countries and cultures, as well as global citizenship attributes and attitudes such as tolerance and appreciation of other cultures. Your international work has also enabled your pupils to access key global issues in a meaningful context. This is exemplified in your activities focussing on refugees, an activity which also had a positive impact on family members via their involvement in the shelter-building project. Your Impact Evaluation is detailed and insightful, also recognising the benefits of international work for staff professional development in terms of curriculum planning skills to incorporate a global dimension, and the opportunity to share good practice internationally with colleagues in your Egyptian partner school. Participation in Spanish language upskilling training in Santander will also have a positive impact on MFL in your school. Your international dimension is clearly well managed and coordinated, so that it is embedded in your curriculum and whole-school ethos, promoting global citizenship and foreign language learning, and celebrating cultural diversity across the school and wider community. Congratulations to all concerned! We wish you continuing success and enjoyment with your ongoing international and global work.