Subject: Geography

Curriculum lead: Miss Lewis

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David Attenborough: It seems to me that the natural world is ...


The aim of Geography teaching at Sutton Manor is to enable the children to gain an understanding of places and environments. Through their work in geography, children learn about their local area, and they compare their life in this area with that in other regions in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world. They learn how to draw and interpret maps, and they develop the skills of research, investigation, analysis and problem-solving. Through their growing knowledge and understanding of human geography, children gain an appreciation of life in other cultures. Geography teaching also motivates children to find out about the physical world, and enables them to recognise the importance of sustainable development for the future of mankind.  Geography will contribute to the creative, enquiring ethos of the school and will prepare children to take up their place as citizens of the world.


We use a variety of teaching and learning styles in our geography lessons. We believe in whole-class teaching methods, and we combine these with enquiry-based research activities. We encourage children to ask as well as answer geographical questions. We offer them the opportunity to use a variety of data, such as maps, statistics, graphs, pictures and aerial photographs, and we enable them to use ICT in geography lessons where this serves to enhance their learning. Children take part in role-play and discussions, and they present reports to the rest of the class. They engage in a wide variety of problem-solving activities. Wherever possible, we involve the children in ‘real’ geographical activities, e.g. research of a local environmental problem, or use of the Internet to investigate a current issue.


CLCIK HERE for a link to BBC Bitesize's geography actvities.

Here are some knowledge organisors which children will be using this academic year. 


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