British Values


 Democracy involves listening to everyone’s ideas, then voting to see which has the most support. Once people have voted, the democratic way is to all agree to stick with the decision that has received the most votes.
Democracy is about fairness and making informed choices.

At Sutton Manor we promote democracy in several ways: through assemblies, SMSC and our curriculum. Some examples of how we do this include: voting for house captains, school councillors, playleaders and peer listeners, choosing our concerts, trips and class rewards. Our school council brings their class' ideas to meetings and have made democratic decisions regarding the new playground, rewards and school improvements and developments.

Rule of Law

Every child has the right to learn. At Sutton Manor we have an agreed code of conduct that is consistent throughout the whole school. Each class discusses and decides upon class rules to promote good behaviour for learning. We also work with our local PCSO's to promote law and safety. All of our school community uphold our code of conduct, irrespective of race, gender, disability or faith. Caring and democratic societies like our own have laws that protect people's rights. The Human Rights Act is such a law.

Individual Liberty

Everybody at Sutton Manor has the  right to hold our opinions and freedom of expression, within the law and school policies.When there is freedom of expression, we achieve fairness and democracy, we can make choices and work and play in harmony. This ensures that we have the freedom to hold beliefs (not harmful to others) that are important to groups or individuals and talk about those beliefs without fear of punishment or discrimination.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Our curriculum helps us to learn about and investigate patience, understanding, tolerance, care and repect.Tolerance is having the ability to accept behaviour and beliefs that may be  different from our own and have regard for the feelings, rights and wishes of others.


Click HERE for a link to the DFE Promoting Fundamental British Values document.

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