Reception 2023 - 2024

Mrs Benyon

Early Years Leader and Reception Class Teacher.
Personal, Health and Social education leader.

Hello and welcome to Reception!

Class teacher - Mrs Benyon

Teaching Assistants - Miss Bond

We are delighted to welcome you to our Reception Class in our Early Years unit.  

In Reception we learn through child initiated play and adult led activities.  Our learning can take place indoors or outdoors and we are always very busy!  

The Little Wandles DFE approved phonics programme is taught after registration every morning.  In this session the children learn letter sounds (phonemes) and how to blend and segment words to read and spell. This term the children will be learning to hear and write sounds in words and to orally blend and segment simple CVC words (eg cat, shed).  The foundations for reading and writing are being laid and it's such an exciting part of their learning journey! 

 Maths is taught using the White Rose Scheme with a huge emphasis on developing a really deep knowedge and undertsanding of numbers to 10 and beyond. Children will learn how to count forwards and backwards, subitise (say how many objects there are without counting) recognise numerals, order numbers, see patterns in numbers, add groups to find out how many altogether and so much more! We will also learn about shape, space and measure, patterns and time too!

We plan our activities in response to the children's interests to ensure that they are continually motivated, engaged and excited by the learning opportunities that we provide.  More information about the Early Years Curriculum can be found by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page.

As the year progresses we will pursue the children's interests by playing and learning outdoors.  We will build dens, listen to stories, explore our natural enviroment and let our imaginations run free!

Every child in the class has allocated reading time in the afternoons, they will be reading at least three times a week in school. You can help your child by reading as often as possible, we suggest a minimum of three times a week.  Reading is a fundamental part of a child's learning journey, reading every day with your child will ensure that they have the best possible start to their education.  

In the afternoon the children will enjoy activities and experiences from the educational programmes as set out under each of the areas of learning.  These will be a mixture of adult led and child initiated learning opportunities and will allow children to continue their learning as part of our continuous provision where appropriate.

In Reception we use Tapestry to record and document the children's achievements and progress.  Parents and carers are invited to sign up to receive notifications from Tapestry so they have immediate online access to any observations or events the children are involved in and are encouraged to contribute with things they notice their child doing at home too so we get a really joined up, whole picture of each child.   The work that your child produces, combined with observations and interactions with adults and peers is how we monitor progress and ensure that their learning is constantly moving on.  Your child will take part in a mixture of independent and adult led tasks, even if they tell you they have been ‘playing’, this will be an activity designed to enhance learning and may well be recorded on Tapestry.

A home learning task is set every Thursday and should be returned the following Wednesday.  Weekly updates and suggestions about ways that you can support your child with what we are learning in school can be found using the 'Class Dojo' App' .  Along with Tapestry, 'Class Dojo' is a great way to communicate with parents with messages and photos about what your child is learning in school.

If you every have any questions or concerns please feel free to come and speak to a member of staff.  

We look forward to sharing your child's achievements with you!

Mrs Benyon

Early Years Foundation Stage Leader/ Reception Class Teacher









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