Day Care 2023 - 2024

Mrs O'Dowd

SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!! Please remember to send your child in with appropriate clothing for the ever-changing British weather! Although we are experiencing some lovely spring sunshine- please remember to send your child in with a warm jacket or raincoat just in case the weather changes throughout the day. Wellies are always welcome (a pair can be left in nursery if you have a spare pair) and we do have some spares should your child need to borrow a pair. Sun hats and sunglasses come in useful at this time of the year too! We have free-flow sessions which means that children can access our outdoor provision at all times. We encourage the children to be 'weather warriors' and enjoy all weathers that nature can throw our way!

The team at Sutton Manor Primary care a great deal about the physical health and well-being of all our children and encourage the children to take an active role in taking care of their own health. We would encourage parents and children alike to be mindful of their nutrition and physical activity choices and this includes the food they include in their lunch boxes. The food your child eats at ‘Little Lunch Club’ has the ability to provide vital vitamins and nutrients to sustain your child's energy levels throughout their afternoon Day Care session. If you would like any support around what foods to include within your child's lunchbox or if you have a ‘fussy eater’ please do not hesitate to approach us. Our door is always open and we will do our best to support you and your child during their early educational journey.

Here at Sutton Manor Primary, we understand that this pandemic is creating many challenges within our community. The NSPCC website is full of useful advice and resources dealing with family mental health issues in everyday life during the Covid 19 pandemic. Have a browse through the Action for Children website for links to national helplines and organisations who provide general support to children as well as adults. 

Reading Well for Children is a useful list of recommended books to promote well-being and mental health with books.

The NHS Change 4 Life website has some excellent resources on eating healthily and cost-effective recipes that are suitable for families.