Statutory Guidance & Policy

St Helens Safeguarding Childrens Partnership  

The Safeguarding Childrens Partnership is a multi agency partner and independant scruiteer. Its purpose is to ensure agencies in St Helens work together effectively to keep children safe.

The advice is for anyone who has concerns or worries about a child or adult. Click link below

For a direct link to the St Helens Safeguarding Partnership page please click HERE.

KCSIE 2021

This is statutory guidance form the Department of Education. 
It is esential that everybody working in a school or college understands that Safeguarding "Is everyone's responsibiity" 
Governers and DSL sure ensure that staff have read and understand Part 1 of KCSIE for schools and colleges. 

Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding children in school is essential.This means having a school policy and processes for staff and parents to follow. School ensure that we refer concerns and work with other agenices to protect children. 


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