Peer Listeners

Children from Year 6 applied, had an interview and attended training to enable them to become Peer Listeners.

Useful Information

  • Peer Listening is not about counselling or telling people what to do, but rather listening and – if necessary – sign-posting to relevant people.

  • Peer listeners are there for the good news as well.

  • Involves a cross section of pupils and abilities

  • Often responsibility given to peer listeners will raise their own self esteem

The role of the Peer Listeners

  • To commit to their listening duty 1 day per school week - a rota is displayed in the classroom.

  • To have a ‘presence’ on the playground.

  • To record information into the ‘buddy’ books

  • To take part in supervision meetings to discuss the type of ‘listening’ that they have been doing.

Peer support……

……begins with the natural willingness of most children and young people to act in a cooperative, friendly way towards one another.  Peer support systems build on this intrinsic quality and create structures, which facilitate the child’s potential for responsibility, sensitivity and empathic caring.

Cowie and Sharp, 1996