Governor Roles and Committee Membership

  1. Committee Membership


The following governor roles and committee membership were agreed for the coming year:



Governor Forum – Lynsey Adamson plus ANO

SEN – L Adamson 

             Safeguarding – L Adamson 

             LAC – L Adamson 

EYFS – vacant

 PSHE, SRE (sex and relationships education)  and Health and Wellbeing- Louisa Watts


A Sherman, E Benbow agreed to represent Mathematics, English and the Foundation subject Curriculum


Standards Committee

M Gladman; I Bonney E Benbow A Sherman L Watts


Extended Committee

M Gladman; I Bonney L Adamson E Benbow L Watts, L Preston  


Resources Committee

 M Gladman; I Bonney E Benbow A Sherman L  Watts


Pay Committee

E Benbow L Adamson A Sherman


Appeals Committee

Any three governors


Pupil Disciplinary

E Benbow L Adamson A Sherman


Complaints Panel

Governor services have advised that a membership of at least five names governors with a quorum of three.

Decision: All governors present agreed to be part of a complaints committee where required. Attendance would be dependent on the nature of the complaint and appropriateness of the attendance of a certain committee member ensuring there is no conflict of interest.