Below are a few basic reminders to help keep ur community safe during Corona Virus.

  • Children should only bring the plastic 'home school bag' or leave a small backpack in school containing a change of clothes. This is to minimise items travelling to and from home and school.
  • PE kits are not required for Nursery at the moment.  We have lots of physical development daily in our outside area. Further information will be provided if and when this changes.
  • Nursery children will take a 'Story Sack' home on Tuesday to be returned to school on Friday. The 'Story Sack' will then be 'rested' over 72 hours before being redistributed between the children. 
  • Please ensure that packed lunches are sent in a disposable carrier bag. 
  • If your child is entitled to 30 Hours funding for free childcare, please ensure that you complete the relevant form and send this in to Mrs Baker at the school office with the childcare code. This is important and must be reconfirmed on the Government website every three months.